Looking for storage space for your stuff for a few days or months ? Heated and unheated warehouses of our company are fully available and at your disposal.

Your items of all kinds can be saved in our two warehouses – heated or unheated. They are located outside the flood zone in Prague-Kosire, the second floor of a building with a large freight elevator, ramp and possible service truck and their area is 200 m2 with a height of up to 4 meters. The floors in both warehouses have dust-free surface. Packed furniture in the warehouses are put on one another in the way to prevent damage to the lower parts.

Your property in our warehouses is protected by the security alarm and  the security guards contantly.  In the later afternoon, the object is locked and to enter it is only possible through the gatehouse with security guards. But you can get to your stuff anytime.

Storage spaces are covered by insurance, including stored antiques and works of art.

The storage time depends entirely on you, it is possible any time from one day to several years.

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  • wrap the individual parts of the fusing film so as to protect furniture from dust, although our warehouses have dust-free (PVC) surface.
  • in order to maintain humidity of your stored furniture pack items made of wood in bubble wrap (not just antique furniture but as well as furniture made from wood plate during drying cracks), which is still covered with foil fusing around the perimeter and desktop parts.
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