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Moving to another country or even on another continent is an important step in life. Moving company Interspedition Zeman Ltd. can facilitate moving up. We provide fast and professional moving of your possessions, including complete processing of all customs formalities necessary.

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  • Packing and securing when moving:

    In international moving it is standard the furniture is ensured by fixation foil against possible weather conditions and opening doors. Decorated or antique furniture and other similar mobiliary is basically wrapped in bubble wrap and then before moving is ensured by fixation foil. The mobiliary in the car is interspered with moving blankets to prevent damage. Fixing film on the rear side of wall standing furniture ensures adhesion of the individual pieces of furniture together in order not to move while driving. Further, with respect to the lenghth of transport individual furniture pieces are fixed by straps to the walls of the vehicle.

    Packing individual household, especially fragile items (glass, porcelain) is done more thoroughly with regard to the length of time of transport

  • For this way of transport must be very specific way of packaging. When packing it is necessary to consider changes in the temperature and humidity inside the container when passing through different geographic zones, and also to the weather at sea. The air temperature in the container can exceed 60 degrees. However it leads to very different air humidity. In extreme cases it can lead to so-called container rain. Therefore, the mobiliary and things for maritime container transport require special packaging. Individual bigger or heavier pieces of mobiliary are separately inside the container are strenghten by anchoring eye. In case of unused entire content of the container it is used secure – safety net or plywood for fixing cargo stored.
  • Mostly are used fumigated wooden crates, or boxes with a partial use of plywood on the walls of the boxes into which the moved items are inserted wrapped for transportation in the same way as in a container. For these packaging boxes are used in size 1.5-5 cubic meters. All the boxes are designed for handling loading – palleti trucks.
  • Air cargo is used for rapid transportation of items (personal belongings, as well as wheels). Packed belongings in boxes or retrims are stored on light, usually paper palette and is created integrally formed compact cardboard package, which also serves as protection during handling at airports. Against weather condition, the entire pallet cargo is ensured by a fixation foil wrapping. Length of transport in this way takes depending on specific destination and according to content  of cargo. If the consignment is loaded onto the aircraft in Prague, transportation takes about 3-6 days. In the event that the cargo is of large content and can not be loaded in the Czech Republic, it is transported on trucks to the nearest airport (Frankfurt, Paris, Brussels), from where it flies by aircraft cargo to the place of destination. Transportation time is extended by approximately two days. For consigments of larger volume can be used air container, which simplifies transportation.
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