Fragile and valuable items

We  move musical instruments – pianos, grand pianos, antiques, art objects, paintings, Venetian mirrors and crystal chandeliers. We all completely wrap, secure it against damage and fully insure. If necessary trimmings for crystal chandeliers dismantle is done and documented, then after hanging back montage.

Complete removal service for fragile and valuable items means that the company will supply all the necessary sizes of cartons and all necessary packaging materials based on previously conducted inspection. Take care so that the furniture, pianos, grand pianos and other musical instruments, chandeliers, glass, porcelain, sensitive electronic equipment are always properly packed with care and protected enough for each type of transport.

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  • Moving with complete packing and unpacking service for fragile objects and paintings, dismantling and assembling glazed furniture including its wrapping,
  • Moving musical instruments – pianos, grand pianos, antiques, art objects, paintings,  Venetian mirrors and crystal chandeliers complete with professional packing services and full insurance,
  • Packaging services and courier services for all moved items or non-commercial items, with full insurance,
  • Always consecutive tidy packaging of materials used, hanging pictures and mirrors on the wall, hanging cabinets or shelves, hanging ceiling lamps, etc.
  • Adjusment of fitted covering carpets etc.
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