Companies and offices

We provide a complete moving of your office or business with maximum emphasis on professionalism, security and logistics for the work and in time that will not jeopardize the functioning of the office or company.

Part of this move is also moving office computers equipments or assemblies, archives and the like.


Think about what type of moving service is best for you and fill out a simple form

  • Delivery of specialized cardboard boxes, full packing services, securing fancing elevators tiles against any damage.
  • Moving mobiliary of entire companies, including their archives, stores, safes and servers.
  • Delivery of distinguishing material identification marking system for easy orientation when moving, complete printing of labels for marking identification system when moving into building, planning timetable in order to minimize disruption to bussiness companies (e.g. we are moving from Friday noon until Monday morning).
  • We strive always to meet the customer maximally so that everything is customized.
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